Intentional Community

Holistic Connection to Source

Aloa Club is an intentional community that is based on optimizing our collective experience on earth.
We do this thru various modalities such as meditation, yoga, sound therapy, and healing crystals.
You found this website for a reason.
Something inside of you is ready to connect to the source of everything.
I am Vision, the conduit you have been searching for.

Who is Vision?

Tech Pioneer
Land Developer
Certified Fitness Trainer

Join Us

My role is to personally introduce you to the members of our tribe.
This is not just an online chat group.
We support each other in real life.
Collaborations and bartering are the core of our relationships.
We have our own cryptocurrency-based economic system backed by gems.
We also have a 100 year plan to ensure a seamless stream of generational wealth.
We connect via private video chats.
We have no social media presence at all.
We can only give our personal energy and time to those who support our mission.
When you make your initial donation, be sure to include your contact info.
I'll be in-touch with you ASAP.
Welcome to the family!

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